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My apologies if this has been debated, but as an enthusiast in the USA, I'm sad that for the most part, we don't get certain models here, like diesels, wagons, and certain hatchbacks.

After working with Rusnak in CA, I've been lucky to have my fair share of being able to test drive many different, nice cars. One most impressive, and it was love before having sat inside the car, was the new RS6 Avant, and a previous-gen RS7. I love wagons, but the way it held the road, the engine, absolutely incredible. I've been amazed with Audi's quattro system, even in the first A3 etron.

I was speechless after driving the RS6. I'm sad that I've heard (be that this not be news) it's discontinued (for the USA) due to the new RS7 arriving in the USA. I liked the 2018 RS7 but felt that the new RS6 was worlds above.

Any owners in Europe?
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