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The German language online newspaper Welt.de has published a preview of the Geneva Auto Show scheduled at the end of the month and has posted their best guess at what will be unveiled there. Under Audi Welt.de suggests the RS 3 will make its first auto show debut alongside a 450-hp S7 and the Q5 hybrid.

So What Do We Think?
We don't yet have an accurate read on the official lineup but the RS 3 and Q5 hybrid make sense as they've been seen in public and we've even test driven each HERE (RS 3) and HERE (Q5 hybrid) in the last few months.

What about the S7? We're not positive. Certainly the car has been seen in test mule form and that suggests it'll drop soon but we've heard there'll be a big S-car push at Frankfurt too. Still, Audi has S6, S8, S7 and S1 to reveal this year so there's plenty to go around. Also, as established as Welt.de is, we suspect they're basing this on their own solid intel.

Read more (in German) after the jump.

Full Story - Welt.de
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