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If you are a regular reader of this site then you know that a certain black A8 test mule (license plate #IN P2343) has been photographed quite a bit as of late and labeled as an S8. Quad pipes on the back would certainly suggest this and it may, in fact, be a drivetrain tester for the S8 but it's also an armored A8 Security tester. How do we know?
The blog quattroholic has posted more shots of the car including an interior image that shows a sign inside that says (in German):
"ATTENTION: Vehicle weight over 3.5 tonnes Check licence to drive. When filling up with fuel or at least every 500 Kilometers check the oil level"
500 kilos is 7700 lbs so it's definitely armored. qh's photographer also reports larger door frames and you can see the run flat tires in the shots.
So is it an S8
Clearly it's not S8 weight, but it could be running the more powerful S8 drivetrain. Likely any A8 with that load of armor would need more power.
FYI, there's been a new wave of blogs and websites saying the car will get the V10 following an Autoblog report posted last week. We'll stick with our intel suggesting the car makes use of the upcoming biturbo V10.
Read more about the A8 Security at quattroholic after the jump.
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