Audi Sport’s new head of Technical Development, Oliver Hoffman, has confirmed that the team is working to get five new RS models onto the roads by 2020. That would raise the total from 11 to 16 over the next three-or-so years.

Although Hoffman did not confirm which models would be getting the RS treatment, comments made by his predecessor, Stephan Reil, do make it clear that the RS models will come out alongside new Audi models.

“In the past, you had the car, the RS model, right at the end of the lifecycle,” Reil told Motor1 , but now they’ve moved to working with Ingolstadt, creating the new RS models as their regular counterparts are being created.

Right now the A7 and A6 are both in development and expected to come out soon, and reports already suggest that the former will get a 700 hp, hybrid RS version . Comments by Stephan Winkelmann, meanwhile, make it clear that the brand is interested in RS SUVs, like an RS Q3 , for instance. The Q8, too, would make a solid foundation for Audi Sport.

Hoffman just started in his role on October 1. He was promoted from powertrain development, where he worked on the R8’s V10. Before that, like Winkelmann, he was at Lamborghini.

[source: Motor1 ]