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The S tronic has established itself at the top of the segment for sporty transmissions, with the dual-clutch transmission uniting dynamics, comfort and efficiency. The S tronic has previously been available in three different versions with six and seven speeds.

Audi is now offering the high-end technology a fourth version as an option for the top models of the TT family, the TT RS and the TT RS Roadster. The new seven-speed S tronic can easily handle the 450 Nm (331.90 lb-ft) of torque generated by the powerful five-cylinder turbo. Just like compact manual transmissions, it transfers the power via three shafts – one drive shaft and two output shafts. The arrangement of the gears on the two output shafts results in a short design that makes the gearbox suitable for use in models with transverse engines coupled with quattro all-wheel drive.

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