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'Vehicle Identification No. TRUZZZ8J371030246
Model audi tt coupe 2.0
Date of production 14.03.2007

ve got a 2007, which just developed a misfire at exactly 3500 rpm under load. Not 3400, not 3600, but 3500.

Some back story: For the past 3 years, my car has always suffered from random misfires while cold for the first 30 or so seconds. Dealership replaced plugs, coils, cats, dumped the tank, they couldn't figure it out. I decided to live with it, as I've read others had a similar issue, so fine.

Fast forward a few years: It begins this new misfire that is as dependable as the sun. There is no cel light, and the only code logged for the engine is a 'bus communication' code, which reports as happening only once in the past few weeks. I drove with my obdeleven logging all cylinder misfires during my 1hour / 30 mile drive to work this morning, which showed about 20 misfires per cylinder for the whole trip.

I can dependably cause this misfire at 3500, without fail, while under load at 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th gear.

I'm already on my 3rd set of plugs and coils. The first were replaced from Audi from suspicion, then I replaced them per-scheduled maintenance. I ordered a new set just this morning, again for maintenance, but I'm sure that's not the problem. Based on how reliable this misfire is, I'm leaning towards the computer. No mods at all, except for resonator delete from ECS, which I did over a year ago.

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