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Hi there!
I have a friend that owns a TT 225, 6 speed with haldex.
He is having an issue with an error:

01315 - Transmission Control Module
49-00 - No communications

As far as I understand, this should not be present and TCM should be for Automatic transmission cars.
I've read around that this might be down to the ECU being set to Auto, but we are currently using a standalone ECU (Ignitron), so that is out of the picture I guess.
Also, read somethings for the 19- Can Gateway, but this is not available for 2000 Audi TT's (maybe other cars or newer models).

Even with ESP button pushed to make it go OFF, it will still activate it (and do some funky stuff with the brakes while cornering).

Is there a known issue for this?

Thanks all!
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