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Audi TT detail

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2001 audi tt , silver. the car has a lot of aftermarket parts ,
overall in good shape , the paint was neglected for a while.
Wheels & tires
- endurance gel , klasse aio , multiple brushes, p21s ,meguiar`s hyper soap
- wash with ONR , claybar , green tape , compound meguiar`s 105 on green pad (light cut/heavy polish ) with DA, polish with meguiar`s 205 on sonus white polish pad with DA, 2 coats blackfire wet diamond by hand - car is not garage so need extra protection.
- meg 205 on polish pad and 2 coats of blackfire
- meguiar`s 40 (vinyl cleaner cond.) , meguiar`s d180 leather treatment , optimum leather protectant , vacuum
Windows in out .
Vinyl vent hood/windshield got black wow.
Total time (unload detail load) 10 hours . 9 years car looks better than new.


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looks great http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
by the way, where did you pick up that pop up shade tent, and about how much was it? I need to pick up one for myself
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Re: (860redrabbit)

pep boys has it , is 12x12 , look for coupons before u go shopping.was ($89), regular 130
u get the weights separate. ($25)
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