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Forget what you've heard about earthquakes and hurricanes, because living in the north eastern section of the US is fantastically rich with events. No, not natural disaster events... they're actually quite rare. We mean enthusiast events.

Case in point is Dubs on the Delaware. Yes, as four-ringers we wish there'd be a little less 'Dub' and a little more 'Ring' in the billing, but such enthusiast shows are always heavy on both Volkswagen group brands and "DotD" is one of the more picturesque. Picture a rolling golf course right on the water in the heart of the Pennsylvania Pocono region and we doubt we have to sell it any further.

Alas, scheduling had us missing this year's DotD, but the Pocono-based crew from quattroholic was present and accounted for. Check out their coverage via the link below.

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