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Authentic Porsche Wheels??

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How do u know if ur Porsche wheels are real porsche wheels or rip offs?? Is there a way to tell???
And for sum fun, post pics of ur dub sitting on porsche wheels!!!

Modified by 80'VWtruck at 4:04 PM 6-28-2003
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I will check with our resident Porche expert...
Re: (SmartAssRacingTeam)

The bolt pattern. Porsche wheels are 5x130. Also they shouldn't be very heavy.
Re: (blackgt)

well mine are 5x130 and aren't very heavy. But u dont think that if people tried to make rip=offs they wouldnt make the weels 5x130???
Re: (blackgt)

Quote, originally posted by blackgt »
The bolt pattern. Porsche wheels are 5x130. Also they shouldn't be very heavy.

Replicas are 5x130 too and they arent OEM rims.
Replica rims usually come in different sizes than OEM.
If they have any sign of Mille Miglia on them they are most likely not OEM
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Re: (smirnoff)

here is mk3boy's ride rockin' the Porsche rims:

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What kind of wheels are they (supposedly)? If you can post a picture of them, I can probably tell you if they're real or not.
Yes, I am (again, supposedly) the resident Porsche expert. At least, I am a CPN.
Re: (Rukh)

You can tell by looking at the writing cast on the back of the spokes of the wheel generally.
Re: (Jetta2NR)

Porsche wheels are just
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Re: (GolfGLSGirl)

Quote, originally posted by GolfGLSGirl »
here is mk3boy's ride rockin' the Porsche rims:

sorry....but that aint mk3boy's car......that definetly looks.....like....um.....MINE
....Ifeel so abused....my car is now some one elses

so beautifuill to see it again....they are design 90 16x8/16x7

Modified by Dubbin_vr6 at 5:54 AM 6-29-2003
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Re: (Dubbin_vr6)

my wheels are design 90's... the fronts are 16x7 or 7.5 and the rears are 16x8. i cant post pics but u all know what they look like.
Re: (80'VWtruck)

I guess the center caps can tell you more info about them...metal...porsche emblem....?
i am a Porchephile. post up some picks and ill put in my 2cents
So, your wheels look like these:

Design 90's were never really that popular to replicate, at least not as popular as the later wheels (the Cups, mostly) because they came on most, if not all, Porsche model lines of that era. Chances are great that you wheels are indeed the real deal. I believe there was a company that replicated them, but that was a long time ago. These replica wheels however, are usually not forged, but rather they are cast.
One thing about Porsche's wheels, is that they are nearly perfect. If they have manufacturing blemishes, or look to be of an inferior grade of metal or craftsmanship, then they are probably not genuine.
Overall though, without seeing any pictures, and given the relative commonness of these wheels, I would say you are more likely to have a set of the real article, than not.
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Weight should be a major factor. The good porsche wheels were forged and didn't way that much, but they also made some cast wheels that did weigh a lot. If they are OEM they should have a porsche stamping on the back of the wheels somewhere. The Design 90's, cookie cutters, phone dials were not replicated much to my knowledge, but all the newer wheels were replicated to no end. The Cup1, Cup2, and Turbo Twist wheels were the most replicated.
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