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Auto Industry future: tough market getting tougher

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Boy am I nervous about the future!
I work at the General and see all this great competition coming... hmmmm. Those nitwits down at the tubes better be approving some FABULOUS rides for ALL markets soon - NOT just trucks for NA!
First wave was the Japanese (which thnakfully opened the Domestics' [and Europeans'] eyes) and now the Koreans. I wonder when the Chinese will be up to par. I wonder if they're going to do like the Koreans and start with 'crap-ola' first or introduce serious contenders.
I like competition and all, but you just have to be nervous when you're a passenger on super tanker racing across the seas with freighters and now... tiny frigates! I guess I better burn some midnight oil with this project I'm on.
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Re: Auto Industry future: tough market getting tougher (uncleho)

I don´t think the furures looks that bad for the General, Bob Lutz has some great ideas, and a lot of cars look quite promising.
They should worry about Europe though.
As long as Volkswagen still holds 50% market share in China, this ain´t a place about worrying yet (Beside GM´s doing not to shabby in China itself).
Re: Auto Industry future: tough market getting tougher (Eolair)

My predictions: GM and Ford will start their resurgence this year; Chrysler may take a little longer to sought things out. The Europeans' honeymoon is well and truly over IMHO, they had their shout and now they're back in the real world where the resurgent Japanese and emergent Koreans have come not just snapping at their heels but well-placed to overtake them.
In Australia, GM's honeymoon could be over as Ford's excellent products hopefully start selling well. Mitsubishi are in trouble here, while Toyota are just plain sailing.
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