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UK automotive weekly AutoCar Magazine has published a review of an Audi R8 4.2 variant augmented through the addition of VF-Engineering's supercharger system. The kit is good for a reported 548 bhp at 7500 rpm (30 more than the V10) and torque of 437 lb ft at 4800 rpm.

The VF kit uses a roots style Magnuson/Eaton TVS 1900 supercharger running 6-7 psi, an air-water heat exchanger and GIAC software.

The AutoCar review itself is good at describing details of the kit and the enhanced performance though they aren't terribly specific about how it compares to the V10 and make no mention at all of additional whine that is inevitably part of the supercharger experience. We're guessing R8 owners thinking of making the upgrade will be just a little curious about that. Still, we think the story is worth a read for any Audi enthusiast who's curious about the setup.

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