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AutoExpress has published another piece on the A7. This includes more theories on production.
One mentions the car will be A8-based and thus aluminum, whereas past rumors have pointed to an A6-based car. This confusion is likely due to the very scaleability of Audi's Modular Longitudinal Platform. As the TT is an aluminum version of the A-chassis shared with the A3, so too is the A8 and could be the A7.
The piece also mentions the RS 7 using the twin turbo V10. This may be so, but since the RS 4 used the R8's high-rev V8, we wouldn't be surprised to see an RS 7 use the high-rev V10 as a power source to help offset the costs associated with that engine's development.
As for the photoshops, they're interesting to look at but most definitely widened and slightly changed press photography of the S5.
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