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Automatic 2 Manual

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I have a problem, when i bought my 2001 GTI 1.8T i was forced to buy it in automatic transmission, but i really wanted to get the manual tranny. Could i change my auto to a manual tranny?
If so how much would it cost me (approximately) and how would i go about doing this
Any help would be great
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Re: Automatic 2 Manual (Turbonium911)

Sorry to burst your bubble but if you really wanted a manual, your best bet would be to sell the car..since yours is new, it shouldnt be too hard...youd loose like 2-3k depending on how much you got for the car and if you buy a new or used 1.8t....but if you were really serious about doing a auto to 5-speed swap...you better have the money and the connections...a brand new 5-speed tranny from the dealer is at least 4k...you would have to get one from a VW junkyard...
Cosmic631 did a auto to 5-speed swap on his GTi 2.0T so it is very possible...but very expensive and time consuming...i imagine the hardest part would be finding someone who could install it for a reasonable price...
But in all honesty i think you should keep what you got...a 1.8t auto can still be fast..there is a guy here with a jetta 1.8t that ran 13s...but i've been in your shoes and i really really wanted to sell my car for a car with a manual transmission...but it just wasnt worth the money or the time...my next car for sure will be a manual when im ready to get a new car...
Well good luck with whatever you decide to do, hope this helps
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Re: Automatic 2 Manual (Turbonium911)

Yup, gonna have to agree with JettaIzBetta - possible, but cost prohibitive. Sorry.
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It depends on what you want done down the road and how serious do you want to mod your car.
Some members, like I, plan on upgading to big turbo kits such as ATP Stage IV (roughly 350-400 hp @ crank).
When dealing with those high numbers, you want a tranny that will distribute the power appropiately throughout the spectrum, and also, to handle the power/torque; upgraded stock tranny will not fully utilizing turbo kits of that calibre.
If you are in that niche, then replacing your automatic with a high performance tranny is a must. It will cost a bundle but if your going to invest 5K+ on a big turbo kit, you might as well go the extra length.
Here's a link: KraftsWerk
My long project includes an ATP Stage IV turbo kit + 6-spd VW MS tranny + VW MS LSD (rebadged Quaife). We are talking about a lot of money and a lot of planning down the road. These things just do not happen in one year.
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