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automatic shift kit?

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i am planning on getting a nirous kit for my 2.0, i don't have a enough for a supercharger or turbo, so this is my only cost effective way to gain more hp. so with that said, i was wondering if there is a way to firm up the shifting im my auto trans,. will a chip do this?, i know your not suppose to run N2O and a chip. is there a way that i can run chip and N2O with out problems? how else can i firm up the shifting. my dads duango has a chip and when the trans shfts it feels a lot stronger harder. im new to the vw scene, so i don't know much about these cars.
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Re: automatic shift kit? (vwgolfbk1)

a guy I know has a z28 with a shift kit and a chip in the trans.
he has 3 settings: normal, street & race. it lays strips in 3rd. it's crazy.
I have no idea what company makes the trans chip or if they even make it for vw's. do a search on yahoo or something.
good luck.
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