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Automatic transmission question

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My wife, well it's now more a shared car since she got a snap orange New Beetle, has a '97 Passat GLX with an automatic transmission.
It has just over 100,000 miles. The car is in great shape overall (need to say that, in case I want to sell it on here some day like my '97 Passat 5-spd. wagon
However, every now and then, especially when going up a hill when you give it more throttle ... the rpms will shoot up past where it should have shifted, and it will shift with a pronounced "thunk."
Change the transmission fluid and hope that's it?
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Re: Automatic transmission question (Cooper)

Have you tried the gas pedal to the floor/ key on for 15 seconds/ key off trick to reset the shift points? Someone out there has more info on this but it made a big difference on shifts from when I bought my car. You know, my dealer said not to worry about changing the tranny fluid- why would that be ??
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Re: Automatic transmission question (96passatowner)

Let me try that. Thanks!
Re: Automatic transmission question (Cooper)

I've tried the pedal to the floor thing but while it fixes the problem temporarily eventually it starts to bang back into gear again. It first started in high gears but now it does it in just about all of them... Damn VW and their automatic trannys
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Re: Automatic transmission question (thecritik)

I am running into the same symptoms. Is this the way VW had intended the transmissions to run. I find the jerky, late shifting to be abnormal. My car has just over 75,000 miles and it 's always run this way since 40,000. I will try the resetting trick and see what happens. Perhaps there are more adjusments we can do...any suggestions.
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Re: Automatic transmission question (Smoothsantana)

Does that key on/Key off trick really work?? Whoever's tried this before, let us fellow about-to-be-fried-tranny brother's in on this trick. We need all the helo we can get.
My dad too also said not to worry about the tranny fluids. I didn't ask him why. I just nod my head and say o.k. He also said that it might be a computer problem which I thought was a little far-fetched, but when you guy's started talking about it I than realized.

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Re: Automatic transmission question (GTR John)

John, your car has that super duper drag racing switch - the 12 second trick only works for cars without one (with fuzzy-logic trannies which have no switch in the console).
Re: Automatic transmission question (WannaCorrado)

I just read this and was thinking it sounds just like the problem I'm having. I then saw it's my post from last month. DUH!
Re: Automatic transmission question (Cooper)

DAMN! Oh well. Things break quicker when you have as much power as me. I wish I could trade in my MAD
power for a healthier tranny.
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Re: Automatic transmission question (GTR John)

quote:[HR][/HR]DAMN! Oh well. Things break quicker when you have as much power as me. I wish I could trade in my MAD power for a healthier tranny.[HR][/HR]​
LMAO. I see your power estimate has dropped over the last couple of weeks. Is it because it's warming up?

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Re: Automatic transmission question (DanG)

It might be warming up where you are, but here in B.C it's perfect intercooler weather. It's a little cold up here.
I changed my BHP figure because I was talking it over with my dad and he told me that the P&P/CamTiming/VR6MidMuff should give me anywhere from 20+ BHP and I figured that by taking out the Cat and resonator wich made a very noticeble difference might give me like an extra 4BHP. So that's my ROUGH EST. And before all the flaming starts, all of those of you that want to start argueing with me about it can kiss my ass.

Oh. and DanG, your sig is cool! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: Automatic transmission question (Cooper)

The "thunk", if not an obvious "slam", may just be that it shifts harder when under stress as climbing a hill. The trans is "adaptive" and will stay in a lower gear if it feels it needs to work to get up the hill. This keeps the car from shifting into forth and losing power like all american cars and you have to keep pushing the pedel down to downshift them. When I drove out to Colorado last year,the trans would stay in third as I was climbing up the mountains even at a higher rpm that it normally shifts on flat ground.
Re: Automatic transmission question (dagmando)

Thanks, but it's an obvious slam that will happen every now and then. It never did this before. The rpms will shoot way past normal, then it will grab a gear with a big thud. It only does it every so often, and only when climbing a hill, as you said, under stress.
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