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autotech sway in snow

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The autotech bar has these 'sliding links' that stick in the air and snow. How durable are they when dragged thru snow, and covered with road grime and salt?
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Re: autotech sway in snow (lotus7)

Time for the stupid question...I was looking for these for my 99 Passat, I spoke with Dave at ABD racing, he said they use the same sway bars Auto Tech does...now for my question, what slides on these bars? From talking to him, I was under the impression you drill into the rear twist beam, and then mount the ends onto the bottom of the shocks with longer shock bolts provided by AutoTech, or ABD, and the middle part of the bar is fastened to the torsion bar. Once this is done, what moves on the rear bar? Thanks.
Re: autotech sway in snow (weissguy)

OK, now I understand. Thanks for the info.
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