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Re: Ayone install Recaro's in their Corrado??? (sickvr666)

corbeau targa RS is $223/ea (cost) and the brackets are $45 each (cost)
they are a nice seat. they must use hemp in them somewhere though because you whole car smells like weed for a couple weeks.
quote:[HR][/HR]I picked them up on good old Ebay...I paid $910.00 plus 90 bucks shipping. They are used but in really great shape with no wear or signs of
damage. I have tried them in a Golf and the Recaro's are so nice. I think they will be lighter than stock as well. I will try callin ND tooo see on
some brackets and sliders. Sounds like the brackets cost almost as much as the seats...Ouch!
You guys are killing me, i really wish i had over $1000 to spend on seats
Lucky basterds[HR][/HR]​
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