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B&G coilovers

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First off I apologize about my last thread. I am new to this area in the forums and just wanted some help.
So now what I was wondering was, does anyone know anything about B&G coilovers? I have a MK4 and was looking into the speed sensitive ones, and well I was wondering if anyone knew anything about B&G in general.
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Re: B&G coilovers (MrTopher)

they're mainly popular with the wrx crowd, no? i don't know anyone who runs them on a vw....
I have them on my rocco. I get complimented by many people as having the best handling car they've ever ridden in
Re: (austin neuschafer)

What about Hi Tek's Platinum Jetta. He's on B&G and his car was in their booth at H20.
Re: (Vdub12)

The question is are they any good? And would you run them?????
no complaints, but I ave never even been in any other car whatsoever with coiloevers. and kinda pricy at 1200+ for hte a1 when I bought them
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