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B & M Sportshifter

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Does anyone have the B & M sportshifter? Is it worth the money and does it improve your 1/4 mile times?
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Re: B & M Sportshifter (AMR10485)

i know someone that has one... it's a PITA to install... big time... but he likes it.
Re: B & M Sportshifter (turbovw18)

Did it improve his 1/4 times??
short shifters do not improve your 1/4 mile times.
Its strictly a "feel-good" thing.
Re: B & M Sportshifter (AMR10485)

Quote, originally posted by AMR10485 »
Does anyone have the B & M sportshifter? Is it worth the money and does it improve your 1/4 mile times?

I have it
It's worth the money
I didn't notice and difference in the 1/4
It's a good solid shifter.
It's not that hard to install
Don't follow their instructions (from under the car), you can do every thing from inside the car.
all you need it a needle nose pliers to take off the snap washer, from inside the car.
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Re: B & M Sportshifter ( 18bora)

i have one. worth every penny. feels awesome.
Re: B & M Sportshifter (JamieK18T)

Thanks everyone a lot
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Re: B & M Sportshifter (AMR10485)

I have one.
It's nice. I like it. I'd buy again.
It gets friggen hot in the summer tho!!!!!111
Re: B & M Sportshifter ( 18bora)

Does that knob ever get hot? Like if your car has been sitting in the sun for a long time.
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Re: B & M Sportshifter (Dog_Eater)

Yes it's like a hot coal in the summer my friend...i have one on my 2003 gti with limo tint and tinted windhshield and it still gets hot as hell in NV. I would REALLY love to see how ppl install this bad boy from up top with pliers, maybe my 2003 is different, but there was just no way to get to the cables to take the ends off....anything is possible...i did the install from under the car. My tip is take the orange tray out next to the cig. lighter, remove that screw and take entire sliding door area out. this will allow you to remove the 2 bolts remaining so you can remove the shifter cable box making if much easier to take the bottom of the cable box off...the instructions say just pry the tabs back with a screwdriver....BS!! there is no way you can just bend those tabs back...remove the sliding door for the center console area and just drop the entire shifter cable box from away from the car it's is SO much easier to get the metal plate off the box and easier to install the shifter and cables back onto the shifter. By all means if you can get to the cables that attach to your shifter through in side the car go that route. The other way is just like the DEstructions say...drop exhuast via coupler, remove heat shield for exhaust, drop shifter cable box as i described then put the shifter back in.
as far as quarter mile time reduction i doubt it. Yes you will shift faster but enough to shave 1/10's i dunno about that. If it's still not short enough for you put a TT shifter lever on the tranny then it's super sano.
Happy shifting
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Re: B & M Sportshifter (RABIDRABBIT1983)

simply throw a baseball cap over the shifter when leaving it in the sun, that should be good for at least 30 degrees.
Re: B & M Sportshifter (FreshieMedia)

their newest one can use the stock shift knobs. at least for the 6sp cars. my TT knob fit on perfect....no hot hands
Re: B & M Sportshifter (M this 1!)

I love it! Its def worth the money. And IMHO a short shifter can take of some time on a 1/4 (not THAT much though) just on the sole fact that theres less mass to travel.
But hey, thats why BMW puts truck shifters in their cars right?
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