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B3 Passat Lowering Springs

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Any ideas on the best springs for lowering a Passat. I'd prefer to keep the stock struts/shocks and lower approx 1 to 1.5 inches.
I was told Eibach are pretty good and lower the car approx. 1.5" for $380 CAD installed - this a good price?
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Re: B3 Passat Lowering Springs (B3 Lover)

Good price and good brand too. Make sure you get the right springs though - for your year Passat and engine...
Re: B3 Passat Lowering Springs (WannaCorrado)

I have to HUGELY caution against using your stock springs/shocks with those Eibachs, or any other lowering spring for that matter. They don't match well at all and you'll be left with a very bouncy ride. If you go with something like a Boge that doesn't cost as much as Koni or Bilstein you'll be way happier for not too much more money. Besides, if you are paying somebody to do the labor it won't cost a penny more to trade out the shocks and struts while you have the springs off.
my 2 cents...
Re: B3 Passat Lowering Springs (B3 Lover)

I have Boge TurboGas shocks and Neuspeed springs and the combo it great.. Feels great and not too rough.
Re: B3 Passat Lowering Springs (B3 Lover)

Intrax springs with Bilstein struts is the combo for me. I didn't need to replace my stock shocks just yet but when i put on my springs three months later I did!
Re: B3 Passat Lowering Springs (mattw)

aren't the stock shocks and struts boge anyways????????mine were.
i had the boge struts in my passat with the h&r springs
guess what i loved them ........
if ur shocks/struts are due for changeing or are a little tired i would get some new ones at the same time. u will save on the labour
and the ride will be nicer cuz u will have new struts and springs.
also don't forget to lubricate the strut tower caps and check the muffler bearings.

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Re: B3 Passat Lowering Springs (yo yo ma)

No matter what.. if you are putting any spring other than SofSports in your car, you must replace the struts with ones that have stiffer valving. Even in the off-chance your stock struts don't blow out, they will still be mismatched to the spring rates of the stiffer springs..
Ever seen those 'mini-trucks' slammed and driving down the highway.. see how they bounce and pogo down the road? You don't want to look like that, do you?
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