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B3 VR6 Headgasket

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I brought my car to a friend of mine who works at the VW dealership for an allignment. Even lowered, it went within specs! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
He gave the motor a 'once over', and gave me the grim news: I need to do a headgasket.
Ok, what other things should I do while I'm in there, and what parts will I need? This is my first VR6, I've been working on 8V's for years... I may not end up doing the work (due to time), so roughly how many hours can I expect to pay for labor (if its too many hours, it may be worth my effort)
I suppose I should do the VC gasket, oil cooler o-rings, and the pan gasket while I have it all apart...
The plastic tubing from the throttle body to the airbox has a leak where it branches off to the valve cover... Would one of the K&N style open filter kits replace this part? Anybody have a good factory part that they've replaced with the open filter?
There's also another intake leak, also behind the head. It looks like a hose with a box (? its currently wrapped in electrical tape, so I can't tell)... can that be bypassed, or is it a valve of sorts? It sits behind the head, towards the driver side.
After all is said and done, are there any worthwhile mods I should consider while I have the whole motor in pieces?
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Re: B3 VR6 Headgasket (vortexblue)

Dont take my word for sure, because this is my first vr too... but iw as told that the engine and tranny must be taken out of the car to do a head gasket??? Kinda sounds stupid to me, but i havent really looked at the engine that close.. Hopefully i wont need a head gasket anytime soon.. im in the same boat as you.. im very familiar with 8v's and 16v's, thats aboot it. I know it doesnt really help ya too much, but figured i would give ya a bump.. try posting to the 12v vr6 tech forum...
Re: B3 VR6 Headgasket (vortexblue)

I just had to have a new head installed, & they DO NOT need to pull the engine or trans to install, if your mechanic tries to tell you that, RUN somewhere else! If you need a new head gasket, count on buying a new valve cover gasket, upper & lower intake manifold gaskets, & depending on how many miles you have plan on buying new head bolts. you might want to look at a new serpentine belt since you have all that stuff off already. I just hope you don't have any problems with the head. Mine cost me $980 from the factory, bringing me to a grand total of $2318.16 after warranty. Good luck & lots of
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