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I ordered the Bentley manual, but it will take some time to arrive and i need some help quick. I replaced the thermostat on the car, but how to bleed the system? any tricks?
The temp gauge reads about 105C while cruising, and 110C or so on idle, the fans work fine, i suspect air in the system.
PS: Is there anything special about the G11 coolant, or would any good quality one work?

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Re: B4 VR6 cooling system (Hosrom)

Open the reservoir cap, and start the car on a level surface preferably.
Let it idle and warm up. The cooling system is so designed
that it actually bleeds itself with the cap open.
make sure you don't let the car heat up to the point
when coolant starts boiling out of the reservoir;
close the cap before that. Top off if necessary, that should do.
P.S. I won't even bother answering your coolant question.
It's been covered a million times, simply search
archived threads here and in the 12v forum.
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