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Re: B5.5 Taillights......... why did VW have to ruin a good thing? (randy)

quote:[HR][/HR]I guess this is VW's intention to take the car to luxury. I'm just waiting for VW to come out with a "Gold" package Passat, where all the chrome is anodized gold. Don't laugh.......... if someone would have told you in 2000 that the Passat was going to be all chromed out soon, you wouldn't have believed that too!

[Modified by randy, 9:47 PM 12-2-2001][HR][/HR]​
I've actually seen the "Gold" package done! A local dealer had one that had gold emblems, and pinstriping on a dark blue Passat. Yet still retained the chrome moldings. "Tacky" didn't do this car justice. Luckily it wasn't a factory package.
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