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B5.5 v. Jag X type

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I never thought the price would be comparable but the Jag X types are leasing for about $349 per month (about $3k down) for 36 months...only 10k a year though. Regardless, that is pretty close competition for a GLX 4 Motion. The Jag also has awd and a v6. The interior is absolutely beautiful. While I wasn't a big fan of the exterior when I saw it in the magazines, it looks a lot nicer in person. It looks really beautiful from some angles...not as much like a ford product as I originally thought. The car comes equipped too...the only thing is the sunroof is part of a $2500 convenience package that is mostly comprised of worthless crap. But you can get HIDs for $650. Anyhow, I haven't seen much posted about the Jaguar...I think it might be an option for those shopping a loaded Passat....Any thoughts?
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Re: B5.5 v. Jag X type (Passatonofem)

Check the Car Lounge forums as there have been numerous threads on the X-Type. The last one was this last weekend regarding and article detailing the numerous reasons why the X-Type isn’t selling, either here or overseas.
While the concept of a Jag at under 30K is a good idea, Jaguar didn’t quite go far enough down market as did MB when they created the C-Class Sport Coupe. When I test drove the X-Type my tester topped $42k and I found it to be too cramped in the rear seat for a four door sedan. For that kind of money I could get a 2.7T A6 with some serious driving dynamics and Quattro, which IMHO is better than the AWD system Ford is using in the X-Type.
While many people acknowledge Ford’s contribution in saving Jaguar from extinction some ten years ago, drivers seem to want more of the truly Jaguar platforms—XK and XJ. This is also evidenced by Jaguar running S-Type lease specials…for $1900 down and 499/month.
I like the exterior styling, but interior wise there’s way too much plastic. I think for the money, one can do better than the X-Type.

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Re: B5.5 v. Jag X type (LelloBeetle)

I like the X-Type's styling. But for the price of an X-Type 2.5 Sport I could get a loaded A4 3.0 or BMW 325. I haven't driven an X-Type yet, only sat in one.
Re: B5.5 v. Jag X type (Passatonofem)

I test drove both, but the glx v6 4Mo, was 30K all in + 400 for 6cd indash cd I added after. The jag for 29,995 simply does not exist. If you want the semi-automatic, moonroof, cd, heated seats etc... that are all standard on the glx, the price is closer to 40K. It is very nice though.....
Re: B5.5 v. Jag X type (Passatonofem)

There's always great lease rates on cars that aren't selling; and there are reasons the cars aren't selling - that's what you should be concerned about. However, if the car fits and has what you want; and you can live with the terms of the lease, it can end up being a great deal.
Re: B5.5 v. Jag X type (Passatonofem)

...wondering if Jaguars still have Lucas electrical systems
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Re: B5.5 v. Jag X type (Passatonofem)

Passats also have good lease rates. Be wary of a lowball price based on 10,000k a year. Who drives that little? Grandma? And then you get slammed on the mileage penalties. VW's over mileage penalty is only 12 cents a mile.
Jags looks really classy but are way too small for a tall person. My head practically touched the top of the roof.
Re: B5.5 v. Jag X type (Cupholder)

Try as they may, Jag can't hide the Ford Contour shadow that the X Type casts.
Re: B5.5 v. Jag X type (Passatonofem)

2 words to describe X-Type: Unimpressive and unremarkable.
All the British press of X-Type are hyped. In reality, its nothing more than a guessied-up Ford. Focus dome light, Contour switchgears and fit-and-finish similar to the Mustang. 3.0 doesn't feel enough power, also very rough. 2.5 is definitely one subpar unit.
Here are the verdicts I gave after test drove the X-Type 3.0 auto:
Performance: 2/5
Handling/fun-to-drive: 2/5
Built quality/fit-and-finish: 2/5
Interior comfort: 2/5
Value-for-money: 1/5
Overall: 2/5

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