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Mods, please forgive me if this isn't allowed.

For sale is my 1997 A4. I've owned this car for 3 years and it has never let me down. It's my daily for now so miles will go up slightly. ~5-10 a week.

Owned originally in Chicago up until 60k mi, by second owner until 121k mi.

The car is aluminium silver mettalic (ly7m) but was in a fender bender under 10mph last august that ended up denting my hood to a point where it didnt open.The front end is mismatched as a result. NO FRAME DAMAGE!!

Lowered on Bilstein struts and B&G springs, sits about 25.5" up front and 27" gtf in the rear.

Unitronic Stage 1+
JVC radio w/ BT and Handsfree calling
8" subwoofer w/ box, amp, and wiring. Installed professionally by previous owner, VwVortex's own, OstTrefftWest.

ICM delete
2.0T coil conversion

During my ownership the following has been repaired or replaced:
- radiator, filled with g13
- new turbo coolant return line (metal and rubber one)
- leak detection pump
- new plugs (NGK, gapped to .028 20k mi)
- new red top ignition coils (10k mi)
- forge 007 dv with correct spring for tube, greased
- facelift headlights w/ clear corners
- one is missing a tab so the alignment is a little off
- oil changes every 5k mi with castrol full synth 5w30
- upper control arms driver & pass side, under 5k mi on them
- new 1.8t rad support
- newer battery, ~5k mi
- oil pan drain (turns and drains oil pan and closes. no annoying drain bolt)
The car will come on 4 18x8 wheels and with TWO sets of 15x7 OEM Speedline wheels wrapped in winter tires and all seasons. Both are low on tread and will need to be replaced soon. Comes with spare tire.
Minus the saggy headliner and no ac, the interior is pretty nice. Black leatherette, no rips. Black dash, carpet, console, etc. Unfortunately, there are no heated seats.
Starts on first key turn. No codes. I just drove it 200 miles without a hitch. Turbo spools nicely. Clutch still feels good.
Needs brakes
PCV & TB eventually (have upper pcv, no puck)
headliner very saggy
originally chicago car. Shell is mostly fine but the chassis is starting to rust. There's a hole in the exhaust somewhere. It's pretty loud, doesn't sound amazing but it's better than stock.
ac doesnt work. (compressor doesnt work) was quoted $500 to fix and decided it wasnt worth.
I love this car but I just picked up an Avant and it needs my attention.
I would've kept it if I found a silver front end near me. I have not in almost a year.

This car also comes with a brilliant black s4 rear bumper and a usdm emerald green mica trunk lid from a '96 with the euro license plate holder, spare parts, springs for dv, etc. I would not hesitate to take this car anywhere.

Yours for $2000 obo in Lafayette, IN.
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