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Hello people. I'm new here. I'm from Holland I drive a a4 avant 2.4 quattro from 2000. I see great pictures off even greater cars. I can't post any pics. When i can i will show my car here.

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new b5 owner

I'll have to check if its a late model or not later, but I'm the proud owner of a 99' 1.8t quattro 5 speed b5, traded my 2000 auto chevy cavalier for it. The car needs some work, I'll post up a thread for my repairs. so far:
BRAKES!!! has drilled slotted rotors, but the rear pads are so bad "crosses fingers" that I believe that the pistons are rubbing the rotors at this point.
rear pass hub bearing
chip in the windshield
tuneup, plugs, "bosch coppers of course" air filter, and new oil and filter
needs a power steering pump, "crosses fingers" hopefully it's not a rack, and it has a leak, although I can't know where, because I'm not wasting a can of pentosin to find out where.
needs a valve cover gasket, "I pulled the plugs to see the engines health" yup, full o oil, yay!
had a cel, but couldnt get a link, which means likely something in the can system is fouled, I didn't pull them via diag display, because I'll worry about it when I get some other things out of the way, but she sure runs good, so it cant be anything really major. also the brake, and abs lights were illuminated, probably from the brake being so bad, assuming it has the sensors, as I bought pads with sensor input.
motor mounts/trans mounts, there is quite a jolt that happens when any gear is engaged, tell tale sign, will have to figure out which it is with a helper
electrical issues, headlight switch is ...... strange, decides when and when not to work all on it's own, but will stay on when it decides to work, as well as there being a problem with all electric door locks, and the mirror controls.
the rear drivers window regulator needs replacing

the good:
177, k on the odo, great tires, gets good economy, pulls hella hard out of first gear, "can't wait to have her running decent, and do a awd burnout with tcs disabled"
guy had the engine replaced, due to him running it out of oil..... "can't imagine, this guy is not abusive, just ignorant of cars, maint etc." and has a new turbo
car is in decent shape, with a good clutch, and all of the things that are required for a state inspection to pass are there.
interior is in pretty good shape despite such neglect.
no factory radio, but still had the factory 6 disc changer, and all of the goodies from the factory, like the optional cell phone, and center rear seat golf bag sock, all of the road gear is there, the stud/wheel centric placement tool "very useful" no full size alloy spare, but I can get over that, the spare has never been used.
clear is coming off and the apple burgundy paint has seen better days, but the body is in decent shape, with no major damage, "accidents etc."

I would love if there are members in the va area, that have parts or parts cars that can spare some stuff so I can get the ol' girl ship shape, but i'll check classifieds "not that there are any members on there anyway"

my fist b5, very excited to get her running right then mods.........
221 - 240 of 249 Posts