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1998 Passat VR5 Syncro
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So I removed the engine to replace the timing chains and some gaskets, etc. Now when I have put it back, it won't start anymore. VCDS says 00513 - Engine speed sensor (G28) 03-00 - No signal. Ok, seems pretty simple - replaced the sensor. Nothing changed. Checked the wiring - everything ok. Tried another sensor - nothing. Tried another ECU - same error code.

Double checked timing marks - exactly as they should be.


Even checked the sensor signal with an oscilloscope at the ECU plug, so eliminating faulty wiring theory. Seems fine, here is a video:

Another useless thing I noticed - when I unplug the camshaft sensor (crankshaft sensor stays connected), ECU does not show any faults, so now it doesn't see the engine starting attempt at all...

VCDS shows 0 RPM at all times during starting (when the connection isn't interrupted by voltage drop during starting).

I don't have any more ideas what to do... Pls halp :cry:

Engine code AGZ
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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