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Re: B6 Passat Rear Brake R&R DIY (bxw)

Quote, originally posted by bxw »
I don't have a vag com for my 2006 Passat 2.0T. What I do notice on my Passat is that when I turn off my engine (the auto hold isn't pressed), the parking break does not automatically engage to parking position. I can see that this is the case as I push the car (either from the front or back) while the engine is off, and the car does in fact move a bit. With the parking break on, the car does not move as I push it.
So... knowing that the parking break isn't automatically pressed againt the rotor (after the engine is off), do I still need the vag com to open the caliper before I go about changing the rear breaks???


Yes, because although the electronic pistons are not pressing against the rotor when parked, it will not back into the caliper housing for you to get the new brake pads in because it will remain static in that parked position.
Why don't you try without it and let us know if it works or not...
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