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Hello there,

Sorry if I missed the art section classifieds. Selling some of my favorite bits to make room for new ones ive aquired. Thought maybe someone here might be interestes in purchasing this one.
Vehicle registration plate Land vehicle Vehicle Car Grille

Amber Rectangle Orange Wood Font

Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Car Tire Vehicle

Car Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Grille

Wood Netbook Font Tints and shades Rectangle

No idea if this lovely shot is worth anything but thats okay. Not trying to get rich here. Lets just start at $40 and see if I get chased out of here or not. Lol.
The backstory is I bought this well over a decade ago and thats all I can remember. Nothing in life is perfect so I give this a wholeheartedly 9/10.

Have a nice day/night everyone.
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