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Hello again,
My '17 A4 Quattro shifts smoothly all the time except when downshifting into 2nd. I've read that transmission inserts should help smooth this out. I know this has been covered in older threads, but looking for fresh opinions now that more people probably have them. Do people notice a significant increase in NVH? I added a similar mod to an S197 5.0 that improved shifts but caused such an increase in NVH that I removed it.

I'm also curious about the DCTs longevity if I add a JB4 with the supposedly undetectable standard "tune". Anyone have transmission issues? I have about 70k miles and use manual mode at least half the time. The entire reason I got the car over other similarly priced sport sedans was for the DCT's responsiveness and engagement. I'd like more power but the transmission doesnt exactly feel bulletproof. Obviously adding power will shorten its life but I'm curious for an idea of how much and how durable this DCT is.

I'm sure alot of this has been discussed before but B9s are relatively new so now that they've been out longer I'd like up to date input.

Thanks in advance for your time and have a great day,

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