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Back in a MKII this time a Jetta Carat

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:thumbup:Found a new MKII after moving back to the PNW. Found a very clean 1992 Jetta Carat locally and couldn't say no. Came with some nice additions like Raddo G-60 brakes, rear disk conversion, Raddo Sebrings powedercoated gunmetal, smoked tails, smoked aero ecodes, Alpine headunit with I-Pod hook up, Infinity speakers throughout, Alpine car alarm. The engine bay is wicked clean with all kinds of new parts in regards to basic maint. Overall very clean very nice car for what I paid. On top of that Kevin was a great guy to deal with when buying from him answered all my questions quickly and was more than honest about the condition and what to expect :thumbup: to him.

Got it home at about 7pm and started putting on a few things I kept from my Coupe. Got the Thule roof rack on, my Hella smoked tails, black visors and smoked dome light. Still have quite a few things to install but it started getting dark on me. Tomorrow I will be installing my steering wheel, getting rid of the knee bar for dash pockets, putting in the euro console, euro plate tub in the rear and B-pillar seatbelts over the standard auto kind.

I haven't decided if I will install the Euro bumpers... I will be sending my RM's to the poweder coater soon and think they will look better with big bumpers. Especially given the fender work required to fit 8.5 inch wheel upfront with a low offset that widened BBS RM's yeild I like having the fender flairs to act as a cover so I can cut some metal out and not worry. I have a OEM front bumper to put on so I dont have to bolt it like the aftermarket one thats currently on the car.

Enough words here are some pics from after installing a few things tonight. Better will come shortly when I get a chance to take it out durring the day.

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wow props man on that find. Looks to be a very clean jetta :thumbup:
hi rich :waves:

looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve with this one :)
hi rich :waves:

looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve with this one :)
Well the RM's will finally get finished and installed!!! Other than that all I know for sure is there are two shiny compressors in the garage that need a home in the trunk...

P.S. Steve your car looks amazing glad to see it has come this far keep up the good work!!
thanks :)

P.S. Rich, your link doesnt work
Awesome buy. That's a great looking Jetta.
Thanks for all the good words!

Fixed the link Steve! Now buy my bumpers...
Welcome back to the PNW!! Car looks solid :thumbup::thumbup:

what are your plans for the Sebrings once you get the RMs done? (hint: I might be interested in taking them off your hands :D)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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