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Well, I'd been shopping Jettas for a couple of months, but couldn't get the dealer to move much on the sticker price. Then I happen to drive through a competitor's lot and there was a USED 2005 V5 Jetta, Platinum Gray, Package 0, with only 349 miles on it. Got the competitor to sell it for $18k and I think that's a pretty good deal. I LOVE THE CAR. Those who say it looks like a Toyota Corolla, well, I can see where that comes from, but the Corolla is the one with the whip antenna in the back, so I'd say Toyota is copying VW if anything.
So needless to say, I've stumbled on this forum and am pretty excited about tweaking the new ride.
I have a few questions...
1. What is the consensus on splash guards? Black/Painted/or None?
2. Can someone post me a thread where they show how to dismantle an '05 Jetta dash for iPod install? I've done searches, but can't find any relating to the indash changer unit.
3. What are some other things I should be looking for to add to the vehicle short term. Are there any standard mods that a lot of you do right off the showroom floor?
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