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Morning guys,

I've been back in western MA for a week now, and DAMN. I have hardly even driven my car with all the frost heaves, ice and snow. It's worse than where we came back from in Utah, easy.

This isn't my first time coming to the vortex for this type of help. Mat_16v helped me no more than two weeks ago with my clutch. He came recommended by the vortex members in the area, and the clutch went perfectly and has driven about 3500 since. I paid him and it was good.

I was driving my mk2 td for a day or two since I've been back, but it started making a vibrating/buzzing noise after my drive from UT. It started happening in the very beginning of first gear-when the most torque was applied under load-and now I can make it buzz when I goose it in fourth as well.

My buddy thinks it might be my exhaust or a motor mount. Could be anything making a mk2 turbo diesel vibrate under load. My ******* driveway is completely iced right now, I couldn't work here if I tried.

Anyways, my damned car is frozen into the ice, water and slush. And I've been working everyday that has had good weather doing framing with my brother. I'm beat and have very little time right now. But, also if you and your place are only available during certain hours, I would definitely get out of work for the time being. I can start it and drive it nicely and slowly to anybody's warm, dry place to work. I don't even have a part right now. I just want to find the problem and see how difficult it'll be to do over the ice/if I'll need to get into a dry shop again.

Thanks again, guys.

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