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Hey guys so i have two questions so here they go.

- I have an 06 gti, stage 2, CAI, Catless dp and awe catback and i have been getting the crappiest gas milage just about 17mpg avg in town not beating at it at all. So is there any reason for this or any type of maintenance that i should do to bump up the mpg? i replaced my spark plugs about 2k ago so any other suggestions id like to know i have read up on a few different things but i figured there may be someone here who had this same problem.

-On to the second question is i recently had my window down for a slight period of time when it was raining and soon after i believe my window switch got wet and would randomly go up and down on its own, so i let it sit for a few days and it works great accept it doesn't go up or down with the simple flick like it used too on the drivers side but the passengers side works like a charm. I have tried reseting it multiple times so im wondering if i should just replace the switch all together even tho one side is working and the other isn't 100%?

Sorry for the stupid post but i figured id ask quick thanks guys
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