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Bad luck, once again

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Well the Jetta didn't want to start this morning, so I had it towed to the dealer. After working on it all day, they said that the ecu was getting no power and that they repaired a wire behind the fuse panel. How a wire broke behind the fuse panel, I have no idea. Anyway, on the way home from the dealer (4 miles later), the car died and would not start again. So for the second time in the same day I was on the phone with the towing company. Away, the dealer gave me a loaner car for the night (a 626, piece of _ _ _ _ ). They said they will start working on it again first thing in the morning. Anyway, I'm pretty pissed. Any suggestions? Should I have them change the whole wiring harness? Well, lets hope my luck gets better because the warranty runs out in 400 miles.
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Re: Bad luck, once again (brian1377)

I wouldn't worry about the dealer honoring the warranty. Since the problem started before your warranty ran out, I'm pretty sure that it'll be covered.
Re: Bad luck, once again (DJKeebler)

Sucks. You should be alright after this second time though. Stuff happens ya know.
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Re: Bad luck, once again (brian1377)

Welcome to the wonderful love/hate world of MKIV Volkswagen Ownership. Just wait until the warranty is totally out, that's when the real fun begins!
Re: Bad luck, once again (VarLordahl)

heheh screw around with it as much as possible to get the kinks out when your under warranty
Re: Bad luck, once again (2002GTI)

Ok, this is the new status of my car. It has been at the dealer for about 5 days now. The ECM fuse (#10) keeps blowing. They changed the ECM, which took a few days to get a new one. After changing the ECM out, they had the same problem. The car will run for awhile and then blow the fuse. The dealer worked on it all day, and then drove it 30 miles and no problems. But they still have no idea what is making the fuses blow. Also, on the same circuit (#10) are the enging coils, which I have had one repaired a few months ago (at a different stealership). They are going to look into the coils being part of the problem.
Basically I got this car because my last Jetta 99.5 (2.0) was having a ton of problems. The engine got replaced because the block had a pin hole in it.
Does anyone have any ideas to my fuse problem?
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