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I am posting here for my sister because I am stumped on the cause but I don't believe what the dealer is telling her.
she put a new transmission in just over a year ago and took her car to Pepboys for a emergency repair. the following is what she has described to me. She has a 2000 Jetta GL
"We were getting ready to go on the highway when the temperature light
came on. We stopped at the nearest gas station and opened up the hood
of the car. There was steam coming out from under the hood and the
coolant/water was emptying out the bottom of the car. It was towed to
Long story short, they replaced the thermostat housing unit and
coolant hose. They took it out for a test drive and everything was
fine. We started driving it home, when we noticed the car wasn't
shifting past second gear and the rpm's were skyrocketing. Pepboys
claimed it wasn't their fault
that it was a transmission problem.
The car was working fine when we pulled into the gas station. The
temperature light was our main concern. Justin (brother) thinks it could be some
kind of sensor controlling the gears and transmission. I believe the
transmission was working fine before we took it to Pepboys it shifted

Any help would be great.

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