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- Exceptional new Bang and Olufsen audio system with over 1,000 watts of amplifier power launched in London
- Ultra-sophisticated bespoke system features dashboard-mounted electrically retracting speakers and is able to take into account road speed, wind resistance and tyre friction for ultimate sound delivery
- Available on A8 models later this year

The Audi Forum in London’s Piccadilly hosted a special acoustic performance more worthy of the nearby Royal Albert Hall today (6 Sep) when an Audi A8 equipped with an exceptional new Bang and Olufsen audio system lit up the airwaves.
The state-of-the-art sound system was given its first UK airplay at the special event before it sounds off at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt on September 15th. It will become available as an optional extra for the aluminium-bodied A8 later this year.
Developed exclusively for the A8, the system sets new standards for sophistication and sound quality even in the luxury segment. It is tailored to the actual acoustic characteristics of the car interior, such as internal space, shape and materials used, and is also able to take into account factors including driving speed and the corresponding wind resistance and friction between tarmac and tyre.
Perfect sound quality is achieved in the A8 through the use of a total of fourteen active high-end loudspeakers, B and O Acoustic Lens Technology and more than 1,000 Watts of amplifier power.
Each of the active speakers has its own amplifier and is housed within its own anodised aluminium loudspeaker cabinet designed specifically for the aluminium-bodied A8, allowing each speaker to be controlled irrespective of where it is mounted and effectively eliminating unwanted resonance.
The sound system is also music to the eyes: its design perfectly complements the A8 interior’s acclaimed blend of luxury, quality and technological sophistication. When activated, two lens speakers automatically emerge from the dashboard, giving perfect sound to every seat in the car with precisely aligned horizontal emissions.
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