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Greetings, I have a 2005 Treg 4.2L V8 that I just bought at an auction. The truck is a good condition except for this banging sound I hear underneath the drivers seat randomly after I had stopped at a stop sign and sometime when I just entered an uneven road. when I hear that sound the car feels like its being held by something thats trying to stop it from moving, if I persist its like someone is hitting it with a hammer underneath.

I used to have the brake light on and it would have this sound everytime when its raining or after a wash but I took it to an electrician who did something on the cluster and now its fine except for these random banging sounds. Can someone advice me what could be the issue here, this is my first car and I almost sold it changed my mind on last minute coz I love it so much.

NB: I tried to scan it but the it doesnt communicate, something to do with CANbus.
the light I have on the dash is the suspension light ( gear workshop...)

Thanks in adavance,
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