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BAP doesn't have my part!

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Hey yall,
Whats up. I am looking for the blue sensor on the coolant plumbing goin into the head. There is a black on and a blue one. My car is really starting to piss me off when it gets warmed up. And, coolant is leaking from around the gasket of the sensor. So, I need to know what its called. BAP doesn't think they have it and the dealer is freakin clueless. Please, let me know what its called so I can find one.
Thanks much yall,
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Re: BAP doesn't have my part! (Hijinx)

I'm not too familar with the G60 but here are a couple of awesome on-line resources for OEM VW parts: http://www.germanautoparts.com http://www.parts4vws.com http://www.vwparts.com
All have great customer service and know more about these cars than the dealerships. - Andy
Re: BAP doesn't have my part! (Spd33)

try overland parts in nor. cali, they hav just about everything ull need
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Re: BAP doesn't have my part! (hondastastelikechicken)

I need to know what the part is called....
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Re: BAP doesn't have my part! (Hijinx)

Try searching those websites that I provided. They have pictures / descriptions etc. - Andy
Re: BAP doesn't have my part! (Hijinx)

I'm pretty sure that both the blue and black sensors are temp sensors. I'm also pretty sure that they are the exact same sensor aside from the color. The black one operating the temp guage in the car and the blue one doing all the other things that temp sensors do. I also just yanked one out of my car and I don't think it had an actual gasket just a copper washer.
Re: BAP doesn't have my part! (Hijinx)

If the semsor still works, just go get a new o-ring for it. It could be that plastic flange is cracked and leaking as well (happened on my roommate's G60 not too long ago). The replacement flange and seals is like $20 or less. About 15 minutes to replace at most.
Forgot to mention, if you can't find the sensor or flange elsewhere, I can send you one from the local VW parts shop here in ABQ.

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