Audi's turned the Green Hell into heaven, winning five overall victories at the legendary 24 Hours on the Nürburgring, that epic race track in Germany, since 2012. To celebrate, they're releasing a special edition of the Audi R8, painting it into a green hell color scheme of its own.

The Audi R8 green hell edition is finished in Tioman green, a dark green finish, but you can also get the model in white, grey, or black, but why on earth would you get a green hell edition in white or grey? Aside from the green paint, the A-pillars, front hood, roof, and rear, are covered in a matt black foil Audi says gives the cars a racing look.

Limited to just 50 globally, and starting from EUR 233,949.59 in Germany, the customer cars will have their number in transparent matte figures looking like a racing starting number. There are Green Hell R8 logos on the sideblade and the windshield, and the cars have matte black trim on the wheels, side sills, diffuser, and other trim.

Inside, Audi's given it lightweight seats finished in Alcantara, with the wheel in the same and wearing a red 12-o'clock stripe. Contrast stitching is a Kalish Fern green colour and the floor mats get a green hell logo.

The engine is the R8s V10, here making 612 hp and linked to a seven-speed automatic. Carbon brakes are included in the package. Audi makes three R8 racers, including the R8 LMS GT3 and GT4, and the recently revealed GT2 model aimed at what Audi calls gentleman drivers.