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The other day....after a heavy night's rain, I found my battery dead.
I thought after pulling my seatbelt fuses and replacing my fan after-run relay, my battery drain problems would be over.
Well, after hooking up a jump starter/battery charger to my car...I found the fan running...even with the ignition off. The wire to the fan after-run switch has been disconnected....and I just replaced the after-run relay last summer. So WTF???
The after-run relay was hot to the touch...so obviously that was the problem. I pull it out....fan stops. And I notice water coming out of the relay.
I believe that water was dripping down the hood release cable, into the cabin. What's right next to hood release lever? The fusebox! Of course the clips that are supposed to hold my fuse box...so the fuses/relays point to the rear are long gone....so the fuses/relays are pointing towards the floor...so water can accumulate into the relays.
Time to put some silicon sealant around the hole where the hood release cable enters the cabin. I bet that's why my ABS light is on all the time. If I pull the ABS relay and crack it open....I bet I'll find it corroded/moldy inside from water entering the relay.
If your radiator fan runs all the time...check the after run relay..pull it...crack it open...and see if it's corroded inside. If so, you know what to do.
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