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Golf TDi 2000 MKIV

Hi, I have a battery light on that comes randomly after a ~10 hour or so parked...
a little background, I live in the north east so winter is a bit chilli.
I changed the battery 2 years ago and alternator almost at the same time it was summer, but when winter comes sometime in the morning or after work the battery light goes on but when I rev engine for a sec the light goes off and never comes on while driving.

before the year end after I changed the battery 1st time, went back to the dealer and asked to change the battery again (warranty) they tested but said the battery is good but nevertheless they changed it for me for a fee

so now my battery is 10 month old and alternator around 2 years

Issue is:
battery light goes on randomly only after a long period, ~8 or 10 hours or so parked.
I did not find a pattern when the light goes on, sometime it's a cold night and the light does NOT go on the next morning and sometime the night is a bit warmer and in the morning when starting the car the battery light goes on until I rev engine for a sec.

Trouble Shooting that I did:
started car,
unplugged the battery and turned on all car equipments...
lights on, AC fan on max, hazard light, front and rear wipers, radio, opened and closed windows, pressed on brakes, honked all working fine no dim lights AFAI realized...
what I conclude from this is that alternator is working fine.

battery brand new 9 months old (it's the second one and both had the same symptoms) so I don't think it's a battery issue (what are the odds that both batteries have the same symptoms)

please correct me if I'm wrong.

one more thing, brand new starter (not refurbished) couple of months old

on a very rare occasion I had to get a boost one time, maybe twice in those 2 years since the problem started.
now winter is coming and I don't feel getting stuck with the car not starting....

what can I test ?
what could be the issue ?
or what to look for so I can resolve it.

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