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Bay Area 4WD DYNO Meet!!

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Hello Guys. This is an invitation to join us at Vishnu Performance on Monday the 19th of August @ 6PM in Pleasanton California to come and experience our Dyno Dynamics 4WD dyno and to get some free eats. Anyone interested in this meet please email us or call us at 925-924-9800 to get more details. We will have our expert tuner on hand to tune the cars as well as do straight dyno pulls. This dyno has full data logging capabilities and is a true 4WD dyno. Our address is as follows:
3687 Old Santa Rita Road,
Pleasanton, CA 94588.
If you have any questions please let us know. We will be offering a discounted rate for both tuning and dyno pulls for this event. Thank you for your time.
Brett Payne
Vishnu Performance
[email protected]
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Re: Bay Area 4WD DYNO Meet!! (Vishnu Performance)

Just out of curiosity, what kind experience do you guys have tuning Hondas since Vishnu is mainly Suby tuining? I have a friend whos interested in retuning his JRSC Si but DSR is so hard for us to get to during the week, and its so far away. Im assuming the dyno also has Wideband 02 capabilities, correct?
Re: Bay Area 4WD DYNO Meet!! (toddvwvr6)

I heard you guys have one mean 323 over there!
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