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i picked up a set of Futuras so these need to get out of my shop. they are 16x8 BBS RS 211 et11 5x120 BMW pattern. they are not together. these are sold with all the parts minus bolts/nuts.
all 4 faces

all 4, 2" slant lips. 1 i started polishing(middle on top) the other 3 still have the zinc plating on them, i will include 2 never opened 28oz jugs of Lime-Away to remove the zinc if you want them.

the polished one has a ding on it

one of the other lips has a very minor bend

center caps , one has most of the paint removed and i started polishing

all 4 barrels are included, i only took pictures of 1. this one is the only one i removed the pearl from,

looking for $750 picked up in bethlehem PA.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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