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I am trying to get my stock set of 16" BBS RXii's w/ tires sold. They are in good shape, some pitting on 2 of the wheels which can be easily refinished.
Absolutely NO BENDS.
They are FILTHY in pictures, sorry.
EDIT: Price Drop! $350 obo!

The tires are in good shape, 2 have some tread, 2 will need replacing soon but are definitely drivable.
Wheel 1: (Only rashed wheel)

Wheel 2: (Pretty good shape)

Wheel 3: (Pretty good shape, slight pitting on part of lip which can be refinished)

Wheel 4: (Best shape of all 4)

The wheels are off of my 03 Wolf.
I am in NJ, pm me if interested!
Tread on tires 1 & 2: (Bridgestone Potenzas)

Tread on tires 2 & 3: (Almost shot)

(Notice the OBO, I am flexible and trying to get rid of these SOON!)
Local pickup preferred!

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Re: (no vtec 4me)

Quote, originally posted by no vtec 4me »
150 picked up this weekend

I guess I should have stated no low-balls huh? You realized you just offered me 42% of my asking price? Not even half man, really? When you find another $200 PM me.
For those of you that want to offer me a figure somewhere around what I am asking, I would be glad to work something out with you. I am not completely firm on $350, but would like to come up with a price that is fair for both you, the buyer, and myself at the same time.
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