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Hey, new to the group. 2004 AWP GTI. I am building an autocross car. I am trying to install a shift light and Bee-R rev limiter. I have done a lot of research into AWP schematics for our tach signal (Pin 82, 121 connector). Can I get these to work without an electronic tach adapter?
I only have the shift light wired so far and it isnt working. Is there any reason I cant use the crank or cam position sensor signal rather than coil signals?

I do not have green/brown on blue connector behind cluster.

I do not have the blue/grey wire behind climate controls like I saw on one mk4 (R?)

the purple/white off ecu didnt work.

the green/yellow under dash on blue connector didnt work.

For the Bee-R, i will use diodes from the coil signal wires back to the box. With the stripes on diodes facing the control box, not coils.

I dont mean to make another thread about this, just wondering if anyone has found a way.
Thanks, unbelievable amount of info on this forum. Keep up the great work!!
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