Scott Speed is helping the boffins at iRacing to bring the Beetle GRC to sim racers everywhere.

The team behind iRacing, a popular online racing simulator, recently expanded its offerings to include low-grip racing. Known as the dirt-racing expansion, it includes Sprint Cars and rallycross cars.

iRacing's first rallycross car was the Ford Fiesta WRX. Late last week the team announced that the Beetle GRC would join the fray. Even more excitingly, the 600 hp Beetle will be a free addition to anyone's garage.

The ensure that the simulation is as true to life as possible, the iRacing team has hired double champion Scott Speed.

"I'm currently working on it myself personally to make sure it's as accurate as possible," says Speed. "Personally I can't wait to get out there and race you guys on it."
The Beetle GRC is made by Volkswagen Motorsport and tuned by Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross. With a 2,000 cc, four-cylinder, turbocharged engine making close to 600 hp the Beetle can get to 60 in just 2.2 seconds.

The Beetle has been the series' most successful car over the past two years with the series' two most successful drivers (Speed and Foust) behind the wheel. Last year, VARX won its first manufacturer's championship, while Speed won his second drivers' championship in a row.

This year, Speed is leading the championship ahead of his teammate Tanner Foust .

The Beetle GRC will be available to play on iRacing this fall.