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Beetle spoiler operation parameters

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What are the proper modes of operation for the retractable spoiler?
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Re: Beetle spoiler operation parameters (ExSHO)

it goes up at 95 comes down at 20.
Re: Beetle spoiler operation parameters (ExSHO)

I saw a matrix posted here from VW about a year ago, but didn't save it. Auto-deploy at 93 is easy.....then it retracts all at once somewhere below 80, without the light coming on. If I'm at highway speed, like 70 and hit the switch, then the spoiler comes out with no light, but retracts in 5 steps at the next stoplight. At city speeds, when I hit the switch, the spoiler activates and the light comes on. Then, it stays out and doesn't retract until next time I start the car. Not sure why it's so complicated.
Dan 00nbglx
Re: Beetle spoiler operation parameters (dhk)

The new 2002 models have an updated set of parameters. They go up at 45 or so now.
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