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Re: Before HIN... (nuclearaddict)

I know theres a "train" (lol) meeting at various places and then cruising down to HIN. Starts at tacoma mall at 12 then goes to seatac mall, then southcenter... here is a copy from another forum...
if there is no EURO meet then ill go with them, but we gota represent in the land of hondas etc...
Hey... wassup, guyz? My name's Chris and I'm a moderator of AutomotiveForums.com and the late PureHonda.com. I'm also a promotor for Hot Import Nights this year... and I've planned a meet and train down to the event. I thought I'd post this if anybody was interested. I did this with PureHonda.com last year and we rolled down to the event about 20 cars deep. It was really fun and I thought that if I got several Import boards involved... we could be even bigger this year. If you are interested, please take the time to read the information. Also... because I am a promotor, I will have flyers on hand for each of you who attend... it will get you $3 off at the door.
Okay guyz. Here's the current meet information. We're aiming our HIN arrival time at 2:00 (3 hours early for good reason) so this schedule is based on making that time.
Let me start off a list of things you will and may want to bring (feel free to add on as you please):
* $23 dollars for Hot Import Nights entry after flyer discount
* $10-$15 for parking in the garage together
* Money for food and drinks inside HIN (bring plenty because the food is rather expensive... and if you are caught bringing food or drinks in at the door, security will throw it away)
* A camera to take pictures of all the rides and ladies... and yourself so you can brag to all the people who couldn't make it
* Sunscreen in case we end up waiting in line under the sun
* An umbrella if we don't
* 2-way radios (if you have some) so that we can keep in touch while driving or in HIN... set your channel to 14 that day.
* Print-outs of the maps to each of the 3 locations and Stadium Expo Center in case any of us gets lost or loses the pack
* Lot's of friends... the more the merrier
* Sandwiches, snacks, drinks, etc. because we will have time for lunch at Southcenter mall where our main meet will take place.
Basically... there are only 3 pick-up places planned so far. These are the Tacoma Mall, Sea-Tac Mall, and South Center Mall. If you live somewhere that is not located near any of these places, please let me know and we'll see what we can do (but we are not going to wander very far from the freeway). For those of you who live further than this, you can plan meets closer to your area and then you can go together to the next stops. However, please plan around our current time schedule.
Here's more details!
Tacoma Mall (the corner of JC Penny near the tire shop) at 12:00 pm!
All members who live near this area or are coming north from farther away will meet at the Tacoma Mall in the corner of the JC Penny parking lot by the tire shop. Here's my crude map of the parking lot area where we will meet (this is the same spot as last year for those who went):

For directions to this location, click this link: http://www.mapquest.com/directi....6&2y=US
Enter the address of your home or wherever you are leaving from in the appropriate place... then click the "get directions" button near the bottom. It will then show you step by step instructions on how to get there as well as a map of the area.

Sea-Tac Mall (near Sears and the main entrance under the Sea-Tac Mall sign) at 12:30 pm!

Members who live near this area can meet here and those of us who are coming from the south will join you after the Tacoma Mall stop. Then from Sea-Tac, we'll go to Southcenter Mall.
Here's the driving directions... just enter you home address and click "get directions" http://www.mapquest.com/directi....2&2y=US

Southcenter Mall (the large parking area across from JC Penny by the stop lights) at 1:00 pm! (for those of you who went last year... this is where we stopped about 3 times after I got us lost. )

Anybody who lives closer to this area can meet here and the rest of us that are coming from the south will meet with you at 1:00.
Here's directions from MapQuest... just enter your home addy then click on "get directions" http://www.mapquest.com/directi....5&2y=US

We will most likely spend some time at the last location (from 1:00 to 1:30 at the latest) for our meet. We can all get out and meet other people, peep rides, take pics, and munch on lunch... so bring some food. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: Before HIN... (purplejetta)

I think the DTM is meeting up at Mercer Island, I am gonna be in B-town. I'm thinking about going, I am going to go talk to a friend and see if he wants to go too.
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